Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cause and Effect - Beware!

I went to the doctor yesterday. I've been having some rotator cuff 'issues' in my right shoulder and he volunteered to give me a cortisone shot to help the pain. It has been hurting for a while and has caused some lifting and reaching inability - specifically (I don't want to get too personal, although it is probably too late for that...) when I reach for the toilet tissue in the bathroom. It is an awkward reach to the right and behind and causes a lot of pain. (I know. I know. Waaay too much information!)

As doctors must, he had to recite all of the potential problems this shot could cause. None of them dire but one - the shot could cause some dermatological pigmentation problems. In other words, the area around the injection site may not TAN as well as the rest of me, or it may tan DARKER. Oh, no!!! Well, of course, I refused the shot immediately! What would people think? A woman of my size is acceptable, even with a bum rotator cuff, but only as long as she tans evenly. What were those silly pharmaceutical companies thinking by NOT having a cure for this?
I refuse to walk around the pool (or, however unlikely, the beach) with a spotty tan!

I now have a new cause. I will not accept uneven, unattractive tanning!

Bond with me, Women! Shout it with me: "No more Spots from Shots! No more Spots from Shots!"

In light of this revelation about cortisone shots, we must not take these shots lying down! We must stand up for ourselves. We, as well-rounded women, must not let these shots be accepted with a whimper! We must make our voices heard! Shout! Yell! Cry out!

Well, I imagine some woman really DID cause this to be an issue when she found her tan was uneven and now doctors are compelled to state this 'problem' to prevent being sued. People sue over the silliest things.

I had the shot, my shoulder is already better and I'm considering having cortisone shots for all the other pains I have (does that count for children, I wonder...?).

I am moving back to Mesa, AZ, from Sacramento, CA, next week - around the 23rd of March - so I won't be on here every day for a while. I hope someone cares and is reading these blog entries.

Please let me know, if you have a chance.

Take care, All, and I'll talk to you later...

Love, Karen B-