Saturday, December 4, 2010

Foodie Gifts for Christmas ( OR All I Want for Christmas is Food!)

When looking for homemade food gifts to give for the holidays, I found a terrific website by two sweet young women, Kate and Sara.  The site is called Our Best Bites: Tips, Tricks and Tastes from Two Real-Life Kitchens.  Click on the title above to be taken to their recipe index or the box in the right-hand column to be taken to their home page.  You won't regret it.

They have some wonderful gift ideas - some new, some tried-and-true - but what caught my eye were the unusual recipes they had posted, such as No Yeast Sweet Rolls with Cinnamon or Orange FillingThis recipe uses cottage cheese and buttermilk - not something each of us necessarily keeps on hand all the time, but, worth the purchase for these delicious, tender breakfast rolls.  Plus, they bake in only 20-25 minutes and are best served warm and soft right after you drizzle on the Orange Glaze (or the powdered sugar glaze if you make the cinnamon type).  Of course, there won't be any leftover, anyway, so you needn't worry about storing them.   The girls found a glass pie plate was the best baking dish.  (It is hints like this that make this site unusually there are LOTS of photos showing the steps for each recipe.)

These might be a fun gift to deliver warm to your neighbors on Christmas morning if you can keep your family from gobbling them all up!