Friday, June 6, 2008

-Long story, short -

My grandson was trying to be a good helper when his dad's cell phone began ringing. MAT tried to bring it to him. Unfortunately, being only age two, he doesn't understand the concept of unplugging the phone from the charger before walking away with it. When he did this, the plug didn't come out of the wall, it pulled the plug-in parts out of the phone, rendering it unchargeable.

I explained to my son, after I finished laughing, that there is such a thing as 'A Mother's Curse' - "May you have children just like you." He didn't quite see the humor. Oh, well...

How many things did your children break throughout their childhood? Is there any point in even trying to count?

I found a website called, "Buy My 'Tronics" :

They actually buy your used and broken iPods, cell phones and game consoles (check their list). Even if they only pay a couple of bucks for each one (and I understand the price is better than that) it beats packing and moving them again or shoving them into a landfill and polluting the earth even more.

-Speaking of moving -

One would think working for a realtor would be advantageous when trying to find a 3-bedroom apartment. Nope. Realtors deal with buying homes, not renting them. So, I'm looking diligently for a place between (or at least closer to...) my oldest son's family and my sister-in-law in East Mesa or North Gilbert. Nothing yet.
I did find something that will make the move itself easier. What is worse than diving into dumpsters behind Fry's or Wal*Mart looking for boxes you can use to pack your stuff? Gross! Costco has the solution. A box of boxes. It ships free - how cool is that? - and has bubble wrap and packing tape included. Nice...
Click on this link:

-Summertime and the garden is empty -

Some people are actually able to grow gardens here in Arizona. I don't know what they do or how they could possibly prepare this sandy soil for growing anything, but I am craving homegrown tomatoes, warm from the sun. Of course, living in an apartment doesn't help my cause - patios usually aren't even big enough for container gardening. But, I think, when I get moved, I might try this: http// .