Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy Month

August is almost over. Since the wonderful rainstorm we had last night, the temperature was only 99 degrees today! WooHoo! What a month it has been! Really high temperatures, lots of rain, new jobs for some friends and family and several personal changes, too.

The boys' dad had to come to Arizona for surgery on his foot. He's had peripheral neuropathy in his feet and legs for years and, apparently got a small wound on his foot which didn't heal. He's doing much better since the surgery and the anticipated amputation didn't have to take place. That was a great blessing. He is going to move here in a couple of months, which will be great for the boys to have him near. He and I are at peace with each other, I believe. The final relief came when I heard the adage, "Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." Wow! Deep, huh? It just wasn't worth carrying around all that pain anymore. And, to be honest, much of that pain was self-inflicted. Habits we acquire during marriage are often carried forward into singlehood and prevent our healing and progression until we examine them.

My mother told me, right after my divorce was final, that it would take half as long as the marriage lasted to be ready to move on. (Half of 22 years is 11, which comes to last year.) I have no idea where she got this information or if it was inspiration - which wouldn't surprise me, either - but it has proven to be true.

Stephen has a new job starting Thursday. Actually, it is the job he left a few months ago so he could pursue work in his chosen area - web development - and they've rehired him to do just that. Apparently there wasn't an opening when he left and there is now...whatever. He got a nice raise and is happy. He'll be able to see the M&M's more now that this semester is over because he doesn't have a Saturday class this time. I hope to have current pics of them to post soon!

Jared has been training with Truly Nolen - he now drives a yellow truck with antennae on it. So funny. He prefers the Volkswagon 'bug' they have painted yellow with large mouse ears and a tail on it. Good advertising for the company to have these vehicles on the streets. He, too, is happy and doing well. Yea!

Lucas and Scarlett are busy raising the Princess Boo and the happy Buddha. It is so wonderful to be near all my grandchildren. I am blessed.