Thursday, April 21, 2011

How's YOUR Morning Going?

Aways stretch before exercising...

I got out of bed this morning with energy, radiance and the power of accomplishment. "Today is the day!" I thought. Got dressed in sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt and walked to the gym at my apartment complex to use the treadmill (walking around WalMart involves stopping and starting, so it doesn't really count as 'exercise', although if I see something I want, I can get a little cardio going).

The treadmill was already on, so I made sure the little red emergency stop string was by my hand, I stepped on, pushed the start button and, literally, got thrown off the thing.  (Just like on "America's Funniest Videos!  Where's a camera when you need it?)   Apparently the last person who used the treadmill was running - REALLY running - like bill collectors were chasing her.  I sat there for a moment (I missed landing on the Yoga mats by this ' ' much), assessing the damage and didn't find anything broken, so I stood up (after sending up a small prayer that I'd be able to...).

Kudos to me for re-adjusting the speed and getting right back on!  I walked for almost 12 minutes and it started going really fast again!  This time I was savvy enough to put my feet on the side runners that don't move and stop it before I was thrown off again!  God has a way of sending us signals when it is time to stop certain activities.

I am home now, eating a bowl of comfort oatmeal w/maple syrup (sugar-free), after neosporin-ing my scraped knees, elbows and left pinky finger (yeah, I don't understand that one, either...).  My knees are bruising and I already have a HUGE bruise on my ego, but I swear, as soon as I can move again, I'm gonna go to WalMart and walk around.